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I'm back

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I'm back.

I don't even know how to do this anymore, but I'm back. I've changed language, hairstyle, lifestyle, job, city, beliefs about life, the universe and everything.
5 years since my last post. 5 years since my world has been turned upside down by the little psycopath I use to call my daughter.
Thousands of tears, laughter, shoes bought, lullabies sung and nappies changed later, but the spirit is still there untamed (and God only knows nothing can tame the spirit like a nappy-change).
I don't know how I survived motherhood. Because they're not going to award you the Nobel Peace Prize for screaming your wild toddler reasonable things like "darling, stop chasing the other kids with a knife!" or "Agata, please hon, scratching his eyes out like a racoon is not nice!". But the thing is they should, because it's hard work, and it's not for free.
I really don't know how I survived motherhood. Actually, I don't know how all those great mothers out there survive motherhood but I guess everyone has to find their own way.
So basically I'm here to tell you how I found mine. And believe me when I say I was not a "natural": I was (and sometimes still am) a catastrophe. And that's my greatest asset.